Information & Referral

  • City of St. Louis Office on the Disabled 314-622-3686 TTY 314-622-3693

    City of St. Louis Office on the Disabled 314-622-3686   TTY 314-622-3693
    1200 Market St., Rm. 30, St. Louis, MO  63103
    Services: Americans w/ Disability Act (ADA) Coordinator, awareness training, information and direct referral service, directory of services, reserved residential disabled parking spaces, parking meter exemption permits, interpreting services for the deaf, and deaf community overview workshop.


  • Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center 1-800-444-0821

    Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center1-800-444-0821
    The Missouri Family to Family Resource Center is one center that provides three levels of support. Whether you want to become more informed, get connected or find ways to volunteer, we offer a network of support options to get you started and support you throughout your journey.


  • Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment 314-993-0806

    Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment  MO-FEAT 314-993-0806
    2388 Schuetz Rd. Suite A-49, St. Louis, MO 63146
    An organization of parents and professionals throughout Missouri with a mission to provide advocacy, education and support for families with children with autism and to support early diagnosis and effective autism treatments such as applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Resources include autism information, directory or resources and parent mentor program.


  • Missouri Governor’s Council on Disability 800-877-8249 (v/tty) or 573-751-2600 (v/tty)

    Missouri Governor’s Council on Disability 800-877-8249 (v/tty) or 573-751-2600 (v/tty)
    Truman State Office Building
    301 West High Street Room 840
    P.O. Box 1668 Jefferson City, MO 65102

    The Governor´s Council on Disability (GCD) promotes full participation and inclusion of the nearly 1 million Missourians with disabilities in all aspects of community life by educating citizens, businesses, schools, universities and others of their rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Missouri Parents Act 800-995-3160

    Missouri Parents Act (MPACT) 800-995-3160

    Parent Training and Information Center for families of children with disabilities. Services free of charge. Provides individual assistance IEP support volunteers and training for communication and legal rights in special education.


  • Paraquad 314-289-4200 TTY 314-289-4252

    Paraquad 314-289-4200  TTY 314-289-4252
    5240 Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
    Works to ensure equal access to services, education, employment, transportation, housing, and health care for people with disabilities.

    Paraquad’s guiding principle is to advance the independent living philosophy.

    Community Education Program
    Paraquad strives to educate individual citizens, community-based organizations, and policy makers through disability awareness workshops to businesses, service providers, rehabilitation centers, religious organizations, colleges, and universities.  Self-advocacy skills are taught to participants.

    Systems advocacy is provided through Public Policy Dept. whose issues include, but are not limited to:  equal opportunities for housing, transportation, employment, access to community activities, and public services. Through individual and family consultation, young people with disabilities and their families are introduced to the independent living concept.

    Youth Group  TTY (314) 289-4201
    Youth group consists of youth with and without disabilities. This integrated group develops social skills they cannot acquire in segregated settings, while non–disabled youth learn to see their disabled peers as people.

    Independent Living Centers 
    Private, not-for-profit, community-based Center for Independent Living.

    Programs include, but are not limited to:
    information & referral, housing assistance & referral, independent living adult, individual & family consultation, Personal Assistance Services (PAS), peer consultation, career options & employment services, deaf & hard of hearing, Deaf Education Fund, Deaf Way Interpreting Services, community education, youth group, Thelma P. Zalk Educational Endowment Fund, advocacy, community outreach, volunteer, internship, continuing education, People First Self-Advocacy Group, and community links volunteer.

  • Parent Education & Diversity Awareness

    Parent Education & Diversity Awareness / Special School District
    Family and Community Resource Center
    314-989-8108 or 314-989-8438 or 314-989-8194
    12110 Clayton Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131

    Special School District’s parent program provides approximately 80 parent education workshops each school year. Its resource center serves as a clearinghouse of information and referral with a comprehensive lending library of more than 3,000 books and 300 videos and DVDs.


  • Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis 314-726-6044

    Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis
    Administrative Office / St. Louis County 314-726-6044
    St. Louis City 314-772-2299
    St. Charles County 636-477-7704
    200 S. Hanley, Ste. 100, St. Louis, MO  63105

    Visit the Recreation Council’s website for information about other leisure and recreation agencies that provide services to individuals with disabilities.

    Also you may download the Council’s quarterly newsletters, Guide to Leisure Services, and its annual Summer Opportunities Guide, as well as vouchers and information on the Council’s various voucher programs.

    NOTE: Many agencies provide a recreation component. The Recreation Council can direct you to appropriate services.

    The Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis offers an after school/extended day voucher program for residents living in St. Louis County. This voucher program enables working families to obtain for their son or daughter, ages 13-21, after school services which will meet their unique family after school care needs. Families can choose between, or a combination of, in-home, out-of-home, and/or an organized after school-program services. The funding assists the family to address a portion of the costs of their after-school services.

  • United Way 211

    United Way 211
    2-1-1 is a fast, free and confidential way to get 24/7 help.