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    Principles, Goals and
                Examples of Family Support


    • All individuals are part of families
    • Family is defined by each individual
    • We all need support
    • Each individual and family is unique and has the right to services and supports from people who appreciate their strengths while respecting their differences
    • Individuals gain most benefit when their supports and services include family members
    • The priorities and expressed needs of individuals in the context of families drive services
    • Healthy individuals and families do not live in isolation
    • Include as many family members as possible in discussions and goal setting


    • gain skills and information to effectively cope with their family member’s disability
    • use community resources to address family concerns and priorities
    • improve communication between families and service providers
    • learn how to advocate for services
    • strengthen support networks

    Examples of Family Support

    • Access to information and resources
    • Education programs for parents, caregivers, siblings and individuals with disabilities
    • Support groups and networking opportunities
    • Recreation and leisure programs
    • Parenting programs
    • Counseling
    • Community activities that include all family members
    • Respite care