Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments 314-776-1300
    1750 S. Big Bend Blvd., Richmond Heights, MO 63117

    Education, Advocacy & Parent Training
    The Center offers a comprehensive array of highly specialized educational and therapy services for eligible children and their families from diagnosis until 36 months of age. Parents and other caregivers receive guidance on how to meet the child’s needs throughout their daily routines through assessment, demonstration of activities and recommendations for adaptations in the child’s environment. All services are offered at home and other community sites, such as day care centers. Families are provided assistance with transition into preschool services in their local school district when their child turns three years.

    Early Intervention
    Comprehensive family-centered early intervention for families of children, birth to 3, with visual impairments, including individuals with additional disabilities.  Must reside within a 50 mile radius. Center-based services: parent-child classes and educational workshops for parents. Home-based services: educational services from a teacher of the visually impaired, orientation and mobility training, family support, and occupational, physical and speech therapy services as needed. Consultation to other facilities is also available.

    Family & Sibling Support
    In an effort to provide families with opportunities for connections, information and support, a wide array of individual and group family support services are offered.  Individual services include short-term consultation about family concerns including information about visual impairments or community resources and a parent-to-parent program.   A variety of activities and specialized groups are offered throughout the year for families, parents, grandparents, siblings, and youth, ages three through high school, who are visually impaired or blind.

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